About us

My passion for Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and Nutrition stem from my own personal endeavor to achieve happiness and success in my own life in the areas of relationships, parenting, physical health, fitness and emotional well being.

It is my experience that every family has challenges in some areas. For me personally in my inner circle of relationships, I have watched people struggle with behavioural issues with children and teens, addictions and addictive behaviour, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, eating disorders, auto-immune conditions, cancer, age related illness and more.

Many of these conditions can be treated by combining hypnosis, coaching, and nutritional supplementation or dietary modification.

I believe that our mind is the most powerful weapon for changing lives, healing bodies, and creating wellness. During one on one sessions, I work with people to discover and remove personal blocks and help reprogram with strategies for success.

Hypocrites said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – this couldn’t be more true today and too often our food is actually our poison! Part of my consulting involves a physical analysis followed by a dietary review and customised diet plan. This is not just for weight loss, but to address health conditions.

If you’ve tried everything under the sun for your specific complaint and have not found the results you desire – it’s time to come and see me.