Forgiveness is NOT THE ANSWER…

 Just forgive.  Just let go.  NO.  Why is this the wrong advice to give people who feel hurt, angry, betrayed? Why when a massive INJUSTICE has […]

Don’t let your DIAGNOSIS define you…

When I was diagnosed with cancer, all I wanted to know, was what percentage chance I had of survival… I wanted my DOCTOR to tell me […]


We are not all the same size. We can’t all lift the same weights. We can’t all swim the same distances.   Those are all physical aspects; […]

Distance Yourself From Negativity And Block Harsh Words 

Be Resilient to Other People’s Words, Criticism and Judgement  In a world where we are constantly bombarded with other people’s words, it can be easy to […]

Why YOU ARE not feeling JOY…

Joy is our natural inherent state. Anything less is suppression, fragmentation, and disconnection.  What causes us to suppress joy? We lose our ability to connect with […]

How does relationship conflict affect the children  

Relationship conflict between parents can have a deep and lasting impact on children… These can range from emotional distress to behavioural difficulties. It is important that […]

Fostering Fears…and how to break past them 

In order to achieve success in life, it is essential that we overcome our fears. Fear is a powerful emotion that can prevent us from achieving […]

The Power In Spoken Words… How to create POSITIVE change in your life

People have always underestimated the power in spoken words… It is a powerful force that can create POSITIVE or NEGATIVE change. When you say something, you […]

Conflict in relationships…causes and how to resolve them.

Conflict in relationships is an inevitable part of life that can arise from disagreements, communication breakdowns, or feeling unappreciated. It can be resolved by understanding the […]