"Amazing! Naomi is simply amazing! Highly recommend!"


Naomi, has managed to reach me and let me realise in a one session what I was not seeing at first, my fears were taking control of my life and it became a part of who I was and I couldn't see past any of my fears. She was amazing and as soon as the light bulb went off it all made sense and then I did research on when and how my fears became a reality. I personally never would have figured it out and with the love and compassion, I felt instantly safe and cared for like a true friend. This was over a year ago and I still am grateful and more than honoured to have met such a lovely person that truly cares about my well being. In the process of finding myself I can honestly say I am a far better person from the knowledge I have gained and would recommend Naomi to everyone that is open and ready to take the next step.


"I was drinking 4-6 ciders every night and wanted to quit. I did one hypnosis session with Naomi and gave up drinking for 9 months. Since then I've been able to drink more moderately, and reduce my weight thanks to not having the extra calories in all those ciders."


Naomi is a naturally gifted hypnotherapist that is highly trained, professional and genuinely cares about her clients. Naomi digs deep into your childhood experiences and how your upbringing brings to light the manifestations from your past. Naomi will challenge your thinking in a way that is nurturing, steady and with great care. If you walk in with an open heart, an open mind and a desire to change. Naomi will be able to help you. I thought I would dabble in hypnotherapy in a logical way.... start with small yet impactful changes and work my way to bigger and deeper changes. I can with confidence say that my addiction to sweets especially the work lolly jar upon which i would eat around 20 sweets a day..... every work day. This habit has been firmly kicked out of my life. Not one sweet, not even the desire for sweets, when I see sweets I have to turn my head the other way since my hypnotherapy session with Naomi. I am looking forward to more sessions to bring health and healing in other parts of my life. Thanks Naomi ❤


The sessions I had with Naomi have helped me realise my fear and over come it. My depression, anxiety and stress level has reduced dramatically within 4 sessions. I feel so much more confident to face the world and getting myself back. Thank you Naomi. You are a god sent angel who has helped me back to light in my darkness.